Endure and Conquer: [2]

April 27, 2017

It was the day of my 17th birthday when somebody asked me, “How were you able to move on over him?”

By the time that somebody asked me, a curve was suddenly formed in my face — a smile. It doesn’t hurt anymore. It doesn’t tear my heart into pieces unlike before… It was not actually the first time they asked me such question. In fact, they would even ask me all the time about when will I ever move on over this guy…

Weight loss, hair fall, sleepless nights, a faucet-like eyes that produces endless flow of tears, anxiety attacks, overthinking — that’s what you get after being left by the one you never thought would leave.


Most of the people who experienced relationship break-ups have gone through the hellish road of acceptance.

IT IS NOT REALLY EASY TO GET OVER SOMEONE. Especially, if that person promised to be there for you all the time. The only irony is they are also the ones who will cut the ties and break their promises.

But what can you do about it? Most of us think, “I can’t do anything. He left me. He’s the only thing that’s left of me but he went away.”


Endure the pain. You need to deal with it. It took me a lot of time before I really got to move on. You know this pain won’t last long. If he left you, then you can also leave the pain he caused you.


I was once a warrior of my own world before he came into my life. He invaded my world and made it his own. And eventually left it devastated. However, in order to live, I need to fight and build myself up again.

I conquered everyone who tried to enter and break my walls again. It was ineffable. Trying to cope up and teach myself again to trust a human being isn’t easy as an elementary math problem. Trusting a person and letting them enter your world requires a lot of courage. Your world isn’t just about you. It is your heart and soul. You don’t just give it to a person just because you love them. Cliché, huh?

The fact is, no one really knows how we move on over a person. Seriously, it just happens. But! You don’t just stay still and do nothing about it.

Stand up, fight, and build yourself again.

In the end, it’s only you who’ll be fighting for your own self.



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