An open letter to the girl I am waiting to feel the same way towards me

I have been waiting all the time of my life.

Waiting for my food to be cooked. Waiting for a vehicle. Waiting for the time to pass. Waiting for the sunset.

Lastly, waiting for you.

Waiting for you to feel the same towards me. It sounds cliché. But yes, I am waiting. But I am not stupidly waiting for an apple to fall in my mouth.

You are not just a fruit from a tree.

You are a flower waiting to bloom like a cherry blossom.

You are my cherry blossom.

The joy you give to me is endless.  Every time we talk, my ears are dancing to the tune of your voice. I could listen to your stories all day long. Every time you smile, my heart melts like an ice cream.

How could you be this precious?

Waiting is not really my thing. You know, I’m just a simple guy out here. But if it’s the only key to the door of your heart, I would wait for you.

I still believe that good things come to those who patiently wait.

If this waiting succeeded, then it isn’t just a good thing, but a great one, indeed.

If this waiting ever failed, then it isn’t a bad thing after all because I got the chance to know you, or at the very least, express my genuineness to you.

But know that no matter what happens, this guy right here will patiently wait for his cherry blossom, even if it takes forever.


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