Have you? [1]

​Have you ever known someone through something and you haven’t seen each other?

Have you ever felt something for someone you haven’t seen yet?

Have you ever been rejected by someone because you said you love him even though you’ve just known each other for days?

Have you ever been sad because he suddenly vanished while you two were happily texting that night?

Have you ever cried because early in the morning he told you sorry because his long time crush answered him, “yes” on the phone?

Have you ever been left behind because he chose someone over you though you know you were always there for him when that someone wasn’t doing anything for him?

Have you ever cried at school right after knowing what he said?

Have you ever asked yourself why are you acting that weird when you only knew him for three days?

Have you ever wondered about your feelings towards him?

Have you ever told him it was really new to you? I bet yes.

Have you ever noticed that he was so naive and was shocked of what you felt towards him?

Have you ever told him you’ll wait for him even though it’s the most stupid thing you can ever do for a guy?


8 thoughts on “Have you? [1]

  1. I see… but your poem really interests me though… I would love to read it if you’re going to update another poem ☺


  2. I was this kinda guy… I never actually understand how she can fall in love with me in a matter of days, just texting with her… but now, I guess I understand how she felt when I pushed her away once…


      • Ahh… yes… I am very familiar with that saying.. VERY
        I’ve been through that situation already.. and it was not pleasant at all.. the loss that I felt was too overwhelming, to the point that I thought I would never be able to fix myself… but we fixed our situation somehow.. and now we’re together

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      • That’s good to know! 🙂 I wasn’t able to post the second part of this poem ‘coz I guess there’s no more reason to post it. Haha. I posted my farewell journal about him. It’s my recent update, few hours ago. :))


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