February Love: Humanity

February blog update! PLEASE READ! This will make you smile, as always! 🙂

Walking down my way home… Earphones on… Ukulele in my left hand, phone in my right hand, and backpack at my back (obviously).
I was seriously walking and listening to Roman when I suddenly saw a man walking towards me which I avoided right before I stumble to the floor.
I looked back…
It’s him!
I rushed to the nearest bakery to buy him bread and water. Then ran again and told him, “Tataaaay! Wait laaaaang!” Good thing he hasn’t walked that far yet.

Finally! I saw him again! 🙂
This time, I’m able to control my emotions. I asked him where have he been and where he goes. He said he’s just roaming around. Little did I know, he walks his way home — with his stick as his guide. He walks almost a kilometer just to get home — to his own small hut.
See the point here people, no matter how far the distance, you’ll still make your way home. Even though it’s just a small hut you’re staying in, as long as you’re comfortable and relaxed, you’ll always find your way — no matter how hard it is not being able to see your way down home.


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