People cramming the hospital staffs, nurses rushing into the hospital ward, doctors having a meeting outside the emergency room – the usual scenario in a hospital in España, Manila. The place where I was born. It was the year 2000 when my mom gave birth to me – a healthy baby girl. I was the youngest child and only daughter of Abe and Rose. Yes, I was named next to my parents’ nicknames. Nah, it’s not spelled as Abe Rose, it is spelled as one word – Aberose. I was born earlier than expected. Mom belonged to high risk pregnancy because she was 39 years old by that time. Kinda shocking, right? My parents prayed to God for a daughter and fortunately, mom gave birth to me successfully. I grew up in a well-beloved family. I have two elder brothers. The eldest is 28 years old and the second one is 26 years old. They weren’t as intimate as other siblings out there but they are definitely better than any other people.

A very young kid then when I started being into writing words and putting words in a photograph. Writing and Photography, it is. I was in my 4th grade that time when the School Paper Adviser in a public school where I was studying held a search for the new campus journalists. She then gave us a question and let us write our insights about the said issue. An hour after, I was shocked when she mentioned my family name. “Miss Bio? I like the way you write. When you reach your 6th grade here, I want you to join the team.” Neurons in my brain were jumping out of joy. I did it. My thoughts were appreciated by one of the persons I look up to. But little did I know, that joy won’t last long… It came to the point that I didn’t reach 6th grade as everyone expected. Oh no, I didn’t stop from studying. My parents decided to buy a house in Cavite, resulting me to study there. Yes, I have to transfer and continue my studies there… but not my dream in writing.

Few months after we transfer, I’m ready to go back to school. It was really awkward in the first place because I used to study in a public school and now, I have to adjust because I’m now in a private school. The first days went fine but not as fine as the atmosphere I grew up in my old school. There were some who can’t appreciate and accept my ideas. They even took it down and misinterpret it. There were some who doesn’t like me for no reason at all. I don’t know. Maybe they weren’t used to the things we do in a public school. But I gotta accept the changes around me that time, I just hoped I’m still alive after being judged and mislead by everyone. Yes, folks, I’m still alive. Ha-ha. Who else would even tell you this story of mine now?

And this is where my journey starts…

This blog will contain all my sagacity about things in life and the happenings about me. 🙂

Yours truly,

Seio Cielo


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