The man who made me happy last month — the month I didn’t expect things would be shattered. So let me tell you how we finally met again. 🙂

I was walking my way to the tricycle terminal — thinking of him, how’s he doing and whatnot. I haven’t seen him for about two months now. He just vanished the day after I gave him food (happened last December 5). Maybe he went somewhere else. I don’t know. So back to the terminal… I saw him sitting beside the electric post near the tricycle! It’s him! It’s the blind old man which I preferred calling Tatay. Edit🙂  I’m in torn because I’m already on my way home!!! (I’m inside the trike already) I promised myself last month that I would give him water and food if ever we finally cross each other’s paths again. No doubts, I got off the tricycle at our subdivision’s clubhouse. I stopped for a minute to buy isaw for my merienda (cheat day, earthlings hehehe)

I walked again to the tricycle stop so I could go outside the subdivision and buy him food. After I finally reached the bakery where I intend to buy him bread and water. I crossed the road and ran to him. He’s still there — sitting! I came to him and told him, “Tatay ako po ulit ito. Tubig po atsaka tinapay. Kain po kayo ha.” He answered me, “Praise God po. Thank you po! Amen po! God bless!” I wanted to tell him everything — that I have been looking for him last month. He was smiling at me though he can’t see me. I was trying to hold my tears because I know I’ll break down once I start telling him everything. Haha. Really, he always make me cry whenever we see each other. Tears of joy. I don’t spend my daily allowance in buying food because there are foods that are prohibited to me. I save my food allowance for other purposes. Honestly, I only had coins left in my coin purse. Though the only money left in my purse is 9 pesos. (9? is this a sign, God? hehe) I can still feel my heart jumping because of the joy I’m feeling.

Before I get in the trike again, he touched my hand. I told him again, “Inom po kayo tubig ha?” By his touch, I felt the chills inside me. I realized how blessed I am to be able to eat 2-3 times a day. How blessed I am to see everything with my eyes. How blessed I am to see the wrongs in life and make it right. Lastly, I realized how blessed I am to make him feel and see the rainbow colors and hope in his monochrome world.

God, thank you for giving me this life. I don’t have a luxurious life. I have a supportive family, a camera by my side, a small circle of friends, and the dream of becoming a doctor and a humanitarian.

Hope I inspired you to see the good things in life!! 🙂


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