Philocoffee: Philosophy and Coffee

8/10/17, Thursday, 12:00 PM

Sagacity on a Thursday noon: 8/10

            Philocoffee: Philosophy and Coffee

My life has been in a rough state lately. Things moved real fast that I was not even able to remember how I got into a predicament. However, I’ve got two things that would help me alleviate the pain temporarily – my love for wisdom and a cup of wisdom.

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To the person who chose another girl over me: [1]

April 25, 2017

It has been almost six months since you walked away. Moreover, I can finally say, everything has changed already. From the moment I open my eyes in the morning until put myself to sleep, I know things were not the same as before.  Waking up to my phone without your name and messages on it is like slapping me with the reality that you don’t care about me anymore – YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CARE ABOUT ME ANYMORE. Every day, I would stare at myself in front of the mirror. I would ask myself where I have been… Only to find out that my genuine self has gone somewhere else – in the island of anxiety. 

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